It’s Media Wednesday. Time to Open Up My Rolodex

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | January 28, 2009

Okay, I’ve been doing this PR thing for almost 20 years so that means I’ve amassed a bounty of media contacts.  And I’ve decided to share these with you every Wednesday. I will start with one of the most important media outlets, Associated Press.  As a news source for over 1700 newspapers and 6000 broadcast oultets, it’s a treasure trove of media opportunities.  To put it mildly, you will hit the mother load if you land a feature on AP.  So, here you go:

Kevin Noblet, Business Editor; Donna Watson, Assistant Business Editor/Breaking News; Patrick Rizzo, Business Desk; Samantha Critchell, Fashion/Beauty; Joan Brunskill, Homes & Gardening; Diane Davis, Lifestyles Editor.  The email formula for AP is firstinitiallastname@ap.org (eg. ddavis@ap.org). And please don’t send any attachments.  They hate that!

And tomorrow is Celebrity Thursday.  Will tap my database of great celebrity contacts just for you.

Stay tuned and tell your friends. Spread the Buzz!

Today’s Tip Comes From: Marina Echavarria, founder and president of Realm Media Productions, a PR firm specializing in the fashion and childrens industry. For more information visit www.realmny.com.


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