Life’s a Pitch

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | January 30, 2009

Fridays are generally a slow news day so it’s a great time to send your pitches.  A good idea is to relate your pitches to the hottest news topics, be it the new administration, the economy, help for families on a budget, weight loss, tax planning…you name it. This is a great season for lots of interesting, of the moment, story ideas.  it’s also not too late to pitch short lead media outlets such as newspapers and blogs on great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for not just your significant other, but also kids, grandparents and even family pets.  And let’s not forget the Academy Awards.  Anything you can tie into this star-studded event of the year will reap great buzz rewards.  Do you have a product you can send to the stylists dressing the nominees, tips on looking good on the red carpet — any interesting tie-ins to the awards is an opportunity for great press.  Also, if budget isn’t an issue, see if you can participate in some of the celebrity gift lounges taking place right before the big night.  So put on your thinking cap and get pitchin’!

Stay tuned for more great tips and tell your friends. Spread the Buzz!

Today’s Tip Comes From: Marina Echavarria, founder and president of Realm Media Productions, a PR firm specializing in the fashion and childrens industry. For more information visit www.realmny.com.


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