Strike a Deal

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | February 2, 2009

If you own a store or have an ecommerce site, a great way to not only generate sales and PR, but also goodwill, is to offer exclusive sales and giveaways through blogs.  Blogs love to offer their audience exclusive discounts and will happily feature your product if they can offer it at a special discount for their readers.   Check out the most popular, heaviily trafficked blogs in your market, and contact them to see what kind of deal you can offer.  For example, Momlogic, has 1.3 unique visitors a week and offer tons of giveaways and exclusive sales.  You can also contact Daily Candy which distirbutes their own DailyCandy Deals newsletter every week.  Once you contact them, they will decide if your product is worthy of their audience.  If it is, then you’re in luck!

Newspapers are also getting in on the deal bandwagon.  The New York Times has a new column in the Thursday Style section simply called, “Deals”.  If you have home or gardening items then write the editor, Marianne Rohrlich (mrohrlich@nytimes.com).  The only catch, NYT must be the first media outlet to make the sale public.  Not a bad bargain.

Stay tuned for more great tips and tell your friends. Spread the Buzz!

Today’s Tip Comes From: Marina Echavarria, founder and president of Realm Media Productions, a PR firm specializing in the fashion and childrens industry. For more information visit www.realmny.com.


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