It’s Media Day — Getting Down to Business

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | February 4, 2009

Today’s focus will be on business editors.  One of the surest ways to build your company’s credibility is to secure features in some of the top business magazines.  BusinessWeek is still going strong and offers many opportunities for profiles especially now that they’ve expanded with BusinessWeek Online and BusinessWeek Small Business.  Diane Brady is one of BusinessWeek’s senior writers and covers corporations, corporate strategies and trends.  She likes pitches that link to a larger business trend so don’t just pitch a story on your company, make it broader and more impactful.  Also, making your pitch part of a bigger story gives you an opportunity to position yourself as an industry expert.  The media needs sources and experts and the more you contact them with useful industry information, the likelier they are to call on you for current and future articles.  But I digress.  Back to Diane.  Here are some don’ts:  Don’t pitch her a story you’re pitching to other magazines.  She wants first dibs.  Don’t call her with pitches.  Send pitches only via email.  That said, here’s her email address and phone number.  But remember no pitches via phone.  Call only if you have real breaking news.

Diane Brady
Senior Writer
Business Week

Stay tuned tomorrow for Celebrity Thursday!  Spread the Buzz!


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