Media Wednesday: Straight from the Horses Mouth

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | February 11, 2009

Every once in a Buzz, I will be featuring tips from top media professionals including editors, journalists, freelance writers, bloggers and producers.  Giving you the inside scoop directly from the source.  For today’s Buzz I had the pleasure of interviewing Erin Bransford.  Erin has been a writer and editor for over 14 years and recently served as the Style and Senior Editor for Pregnancy & Newborn magazine.  This Buzz Tip is bursting with invaluable do’s and don’ts so take note!

What is the best way to get an editor’s attention? Start with a well-crafted, short release hitting the high points of your pitch. Always include a hyperlink to the website of the company or product you’re pitching and a low res image so we can see the product without having to hunt it down on the website. Chances are, if an editor has to look for it, she won’t. Never send hi res attachments unless the editor asks for them. But do always have good hi res images available in case you get asked for them–so many companies don’t have these and it can be a hindrance to coverage.  Plus they can save money for a client that doesn’t want to send samples.

What is your feeling about press kits? A cool press kit can get an editor’s attention but make certain that the editor you’re mailing it to is the right person. I’ve worked for magazines where the Editor in Chief was long gone but was still getting regular press kits a year later. Make sure you check the masthead or call their office for the right contact!

Can you offer some pitching tips? Pay attention to the publication that you are pitching. If you are suggesting a product or profile for a particular department, make certain that it fits in with that department, and the publication as a whole. Don’t suggest specific ideas if the magazine doesn’t do that sort of thing, example: profiles of designers when they only do product reviews or calender listings when they don’t list events.


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