Telling It Like Is!

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | February 16, 2009

My good friend and colleague Maryanne Keeney, a PR expert based in Boston, has some great tips for you today on pitching and dealing with the media.  She pulls no punches and tells it like it is.  After all she’s been in the PR trenches for a while, so she knows what it takes to win.  Enjoy…

“Know your target audience and direct news that offers a solution to them. For example, we all know what a toaster is but how will it improve a person’s cooking and preparation time?”

” Know your media and when their editorial deadlines are. Sometimes weekly business publications close on Wednesdays so contacting them on those days are a waste of time.”

“Become a valuable resource to a reporter and share your knowledge. Even if a story may have nothing to do with your company/product or client, provide any tips and experts that may assist a reporter to complete their article on time.”

“Look for trends that connect your company/product or client with the current market and economy.”

‘Don’t spam your pitch and hope for a story. Be thoughtful and strategic with your communication to gain a better measured return.”


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