For The Ladies

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | February 17, 2009

Are you like me?  What I mean is, are you a woman entrepreneur, a working mother, a genius (just kidding!)?  Or, do you head up a company or major department within?  If so, there are tons of press opportunities out there given the sheer number of women-focused media outlets and news sections.

Case in point: The mother of all business publications, The Wall Street Journal, has a great section called “Journal Women.”  It’s an online column devoted to women in business that covers work and family issues.   There’s even a section called “The Juggle,” which explores the challenges  of doing it all. Read through some of the articles and become familiar with the style and tone of each piece.  And of course, check out the byline or, rather, the journalist who wrote the article.  You’ll find their email address on the bottom of the piece.  Then go ahead and craft an interesting pitch that ties your personal achievements with the success or goals of your company.  And don’t forget to add any quirky hobbies or passions.  Anything that makes you stand out in positive way is a big plus in a pitch, and might be just the thing that gets your story noticed.

Once you’ve mastered the Journal, move on to other media outlets with a tailored pitch.  Be it Working Mother, Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire, Vogue...yes, girl, Vogue, there’s a magazine to fit your particular story.  Go on Ladies….tell your story and shine!


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