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TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | February 25, 2009

I’m still stuck on the issue of the Internet following yesterday’s social networking tip on Bacon. So today it’s all about blogs.  Ahh, blogs.  Just about anyone can start a blog these days but the trick is to gain a following.  Some blogs just take off and become major global phenomenon and purveyors of pop culture.  Such is the case with the following blogs which are among the most powerful in the world in terms of reach.  Get a mention on one of these and you’ve hit it big time.

BoingBoing (www.boingboing.net) — world’s most linked to blog

(www.techcrunch.com)– Tech Reviews

(www.treehugger.com) — Green living

Chez Pim
(www.chezpim.typepad.com) — food

(www.jezebel.com) — fashion, sex, news and gossip

(www.stylebubble.typepad.com) — fashion

DailyCandy (www.dailycandy.com) — fashion/consumer products including DailyCandyKids (www.dailycandykids.com) for children’s products

(www.copyblogger.com) — the reigning authority on online writing with great advice for anyone who writes for blogs, websites, etc.  Not good for PR but great for improving your skills.


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