To The Trade

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | March 2, 2009

Trade publications are a great resource for your business as well as a great outlet for press coverage.  The beauty of trade magazines is that they are specifically targeted to your audience of customers and buyers so a feature in these publications will have a direct impact on your business.  Get to know the editors at the trade pubs.  They are much more approachable than mainstream press editors and willing to listen to pitches and ideas for stories.  Find out which editors handle different sections.  There usually is an editor in charge of features, another of breaking news and still others that are in charge of reporting on everything from management changes to general industry news.  This is also a great place to flex your muscles and pitch yourself as an expert for potential inclusion in a round-up story on the industry.

Pitch them your product launches, management change news and any corporate news that is going to have an impact on your business.  Also, you can get a big bang for your efforts if you pitch for inclusion in one of their “Show issues”.  These are the editions that will be distributed at major trade shows.  And if you have some budget then consider advertising.  The “Chinese Wall” at these publications isn’t as high as in the mainstream press and advertising may positively impact getting coverage.  But don’t tell them I said that!


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