TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | March 4, 2009

Was just listening to Jimmy Fallon on the Howard Stern Show (yes, I like Howard), and they were talking about Jimmy’s new late night talk show on NBC.  Anyway, that got me thinking about television. Unless you’re a star you won’t get on a talk show but you can definitely still aim high.  For instance, morning shows are rife with opportunities to showcase your products, your expertise and your services.  And the mother of all morning shows is the Today Show.  This show continues to be the ratings leader in the morning and now that it has been extended to four hours, they are constantly on the prowl for new story ideas.  So sets your sights high and send your pitch to one of the following producers.  I even give you the contacts for Ann Curry and Al Roker, two of the nicest hosts on the show.

Kids Products and Parenting: Antoinette Machiaverna, (Antoinette.machiaverna@nbc.com)

Fashion: Bobbie Thomas (bthomas@bauerpublishing.com)

Arts and Entertainment: Melissa Lonner (melissa.lonner@nbcuni.com)

Gear and Tech: Paul Hochman (paul@seriousfuntv.com)

Ann Curry (ann.curry@nbcuni.com)

Al Roker (al.roker@nbc.com)


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