TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | March 9, 2009

As a member of this newsletter, you are already interested in cost effective ways to build your brand.   That’s what Guerilla Marketing is all about.  It’s about getting down into the trenches and doing things in an unconventional, informal way to build buzz.   I’m actually doing some guerrilla marketing myself tomorrow.  I have a trade show to go to for a couple of clients and figured I’d drum up more Buzz members while I was there.  So I had postcards made up to distribute at the show.  If you’ve been to trade shows then you know that most exhibitors have plenty of free time between visits to their booth.  So why not give them some reading material?  Better yet, most have a computer on hand and can immediately read more about your company if they are so inclined.  And then of course there’s the added value of actually meeting people.   Personal interaction is very powerful.

So a postcard and a smile could be all you need!  More Guerilla Marketing ideas to come…


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