Media Wednesday: It’s Good to Be Small

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | March 11, 2009

The media loves entrepreneurs and small businesses.  It’s the old David vs. Goliath story: we all love to see the little guy win.  If you are a small business there are tons of opportunities to be featured in the media particularly as there are so many media outlets focused solely on small businesses.  One topic of interest right now is how small companies are adjusting to the down economy.   For instance, what strategies have you implemented to help keep your business afloat?  How has the economy affected your business and what have you done to adapt?  From these answers put together a list of your “Survival Tips” and pitch to some of these key small biz focused pubs:

Fortune Small Business
Business Week Small Biz
StartUp Journal (part of Wall Street Journal)

To get you started, check out articles written by Kimberly Weisul. She’s the senior editor at BusinessWeek Small Biz.  She’s definitely interested in survival strategies so give her a shout at: kimberly_weisul@businessweek.com.


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