Ed Cals

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | March 16, 2009

You might have noticed that I like to Get Back To Basics on Mondays which brings me to today’s topic: Editorial Calendars or “Ed Cals” in PR speak.  Essentially an ed cal provides the planned content for the year for magazines and newspapers.  Marketers use ed cals to pinpoint the best issue to advertise, one that best fits with their products.  And savvy PR folks use them to increase their chances for coverage by targeting their pitches to fit each topic.  For example, one of my favorite magazines, Wallpaper, a very glossy, high-end, design-focused magazine covering everything from as they say “Design, Interiors, Fashion, Art and Lifestyle” — okay, pretty much everything — has the following listed on their editorial calendar:

June issue               “Made in China
July Issue                “Sex and Art”
August                    “Design Directory”

That’s just a little taste.  You can view the full calendar by going to the website (www.wallpaper.com) and scrolling down to the “Advertise with Us” link.  And by the way, you will find most editorial calendars by going to the advertising section of each publication’s website.  Aside from the topic, another key piece of information on the calendar is the copy deadline or “close date.”  In other words, the deadline for getting in your pitch or ad for that particular issue.  For Wallpaper it’s a 2 month lead time.

So go forth and troll for those ed cals of your favorite magazines and newspapers, and add another notch in your PR belt.  Boy, you’re getting good at this!


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