And The Winner Is…

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | March 17, 2009

Everything seems to inspire a Buzz tip these days.  Walking to a meeting, reading a newspaper or magazine, visiting clients — all have inspired past Buzzes.  And today’s Buzz was inspired by Dancing With the Stars….yes, corny, but I Iove that show.

So today I want to talk about contests.  Contests are a great way to generate tons of publicity and buzz.  First create a contest that is related to your product.  For example, children’s product companies are notorious for conducting “cutest baby” contests and Ikea‘s “First in Line” contest results in customers camping out in front of their stores for a chance to win $3000 in free furniture — generating tons of national press.  Once you figure out what your contest will be then promote the heck out of it.  Post it on your website, write a press release and distribute to all your contacts, the media and advertise in local newspapers if budget allows.

Come up with something really creative.  And hey, do me a favor, tell me about it.  If I find it interesting, I’ll spotlight it in a future Buzz.  Same goes with any other PR ideas you are putting into motion. It’s the new “Buzz Case” of the Month.  Send to: info@build-a-buzz.com.


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