Face Time

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | March 23, 2009

Before I go into today’s Buzz, I want to extend a big welcome to all new Buzz members.  Everyone has been busy buzzing about Build-A-Buzz and the proof is in the numbers.  So a big thank you and keep it up.  Will announce the winner of the Buzz Challenge at the end of the month.

Now onto today’s Buzz tip. On Tuesday I’m hosting a Press Day at my client’s footwear showroom and it’s the inspiration for this week’s Buzz theme: Face Time. There comes a time after all the emails, phone calls, releases, etc. when you have to actually meet the editors that you have been working so hard to reach.  It’s also the best way to make long-lasting connections.  Once an editor meets you, you become more than just a random PR person or source.  You’ll be surprised at what a major impact just meeting an editor will have  — enhancing your relationship with that editor significantly and of course that means that opportunities for press will be greatly enhanced as well.

So organize your own press day.  This particular event  involves inviting fashion editors to view the Fall 09 footwear collections from various brands.  It’s the perfect time to do a Fall preview for editors since they have such long lead times and will begin planning Fall stories in a few weeks.  You will be ahead of the game by providing them with a preview and allowing them to take pictures of the products.  Whatever your product, organizing an event to bring editors to you, is always very effective and will go a long way to ensuring many product placement opportunities in the future.


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