Poor Jennifer…Not!

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | March 26, 2009

Poor Jennifer Aniston, once again she’s been dumped by yet another man or maybe she dumped him. Whatever the case, she’s alone again.  Must be tough to fill Brad’s shoes; God knows it’s hard to measure up to that.  And isn’t it funny how Jen comes off so down to Earth yet her entourage of attorneys, managers and publicists is huge.  She was also recently interviewed by Vogue and during the interview her assistant came in with her lunch.  Please! So, yes, Jen is not as casual as she seems.  So I’m sure she’d appreciate some freebies and of course it doesn’t hurt that the papparazzi camp out on her street.  Perhaps they might just catch her red handed in one of your duds.

Jennifer Aniston
c/o Stephen Huvane
700 San Vicente Blvd. Suite G910
West Hollywood CA 90069

Phone: 310-289-6200


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