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TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | March 30, 2009

There are many different kinds of PR, one to match almost every industry.  And for each the underlying strategy is the same but the approach is very different.  Take today’s tip.  It’s about Hospitality PR and it comes from Didi Lutz, an expert in the area.  She goes on to explain:

“Hotel and travel PR is certainly a glamorous business, fun and exciting, and tough during hard economic times.  Falling under the umbrella of Hospitality, this type of PR includes hotels, resorts, spas, events, restaurants, bars and even travel agencies.  Anything that reaches the potential “guest” is part of hospitality.  And if your business is hospitality, what are you doing to make a difference in tough times?  How are you getting exposure to your existing and potential guests?  What PR initiatives are you taking to put yourself in the forefront of surrounding competition?

For one, relationships are key to getting exposure.  Invite media to experience your establishment be it a hotel, spa or restaurant.  Give them the red carpet treatment and if they don’t write about you immediately, keep in touch.  Invite them again, send more news and ask what stories they are doing.  Rest assured, when the right story comes up, you’ll be in it.”

You can also find Didi at her website:  Didi Lutz PR


One thought on “Hospitality PR

  1. Really important to for hospitality biz to be pleasantly persistent with info. Timing is everything and most of us don’t have enough of it. I always appreciate being kept in the loop.

    As for family travel reviews, consider including writers who will bring along at least one kid or teen. That will provide a more authentic review when it comes to offerings for that age group.

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