Play Ball!

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | April 7, 2009

Aw, Spring is here and that means only one thing, the start of Major League Baseball season.  No, I’m not a diehard baseball fan but it is a great time of year.  And I do have a soft spot for the Yankees.  Why baseball you ask?  Because like baseball, PR depends a lot on pitching.  How good is your pitch?  The truth is you have to pitch well and often in order to see results.  Right now your pitches should be timed to the season granted you are pitching short lead media such as newspapers and blogs.  For long lead pubs, you should be thinking of late summer or early Fall topics.  To illustrate, for newspapers and blogs tie your product into anything to do with Spring, be it gardening, allergies, Spring/summer fashions…you get the idea.  And when creating your pitch, keep in mind the interest of the publication you are pitching to and their audience, not your product.  Frankly, no one cares about your product.  At least not yet.  They care about how your product relates to what’s important to them.

Make it Pretty: Face it, we live in a pretty superficial world so looks are very important even when it comes to your pitch.  My favorite tactic is to create a custom-designed email pitch dressed up with a great image of the product and other graphic touches.  Make it look good and it will stand out from the crowd and get your foot in the door, so to speak.  And one other thing to consider.  When pitching via email, essentially your subject line is your headline, so make it compelling.  And by all means do not write the subject line in all caps.  It’s considered shouting and bad email etiquette.  Who knew!


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