In Their Hands…

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | April 13, 2009unitednude_cosmo

Hope everyone had a great Passover/Easter…now back to Buzzin!

In the last Buzz I discussed product placement but what I didn’t tell you is that you can’t have product placement without, well, products.  I mean, products in the hands of the editors.  This may seem obvious but there are many companies that just don’t have enough samples to go around. But, believe me, if you don’t have a sample set that you can share with the media then you are really missing out on tons of editorial opportunities.  Editors want and need to have samples.  In the best of all worlds you would have samples in as many sizes as possible available for editors; but given that this isn’t very realistic, you must at least have the most popular size at their disposal.  For instance, in my dealings with accessories editors, it’s imperative that I have full pairs/size 9s in footwear.   The more styles of this size I have available, the greater my chances for coverage.  While it’s an added expense to clients, it’s well worth it in the long run.

And don’t worry tech/service companies, tomorrow I will discuss the merits of providing the media with advance news/beta versions of your products.


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