Hey Baby!

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | April 15, 2009

By taking a quick gander at my member list I can see that many of you hail from the children’s industry, which is great because that’s one of my specialties.  There are very specific media for your industry, as you know, starting with blogs that number in the hundreds.  Too many to count and so many that you should not bother with.  I get tons of requests from “blogs” (essentially someone who started blogging and wants free product in exchange for a review).  Choose who you work with wisely and do your homework.  If they don’t have much of a following, don’t send your samples, especially since the samples sent to blogs are normally not returned.  Save your samples for blogs that are really worthwhile.  One of the best ones is UrbanBaby.  They were one of the first blogs to cater to moms and are still one of the best and most widely read.  And while you can send your pitch to their general contact email, editors@urbanbaby.com, you will up your chances if you send directly to one of my contacts, Brooke Showell.  Brooke is a veteran of the children’s industry having written for a children’s trade publication before joing UrbanBaby a few years ago.  Make sure you check out a few of their posts to familiarize yourself with their editorial preferences.  Only the right products need apply!

Brooke Showell


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