What Res Is It?

ODAY’S BUZZ TIP | April 17, 2009

I’ve buzzed many times about the importance of images for the purposes of PR.  Having images available for the press is an essential element to your program’s success.  I’ve asked one of the best product and fashion photographers, Philippe Rohdewald, to give us some advice and help us to finally understand the difference between hi and lo res…because frankly when I’ve asked many of my clients for the former, I usually get the latter.

What is the difference between hi and lo res images?
Lo res (or low resolution, 72dpi or 72 dots per pixel) images are used for web only. Computer screens diminish – due to the pixels they consist of – the resolution of the images you’re looking at. Which has the disadvantage that one doesn’t see as much detail as in print; however, the advantage is that one is dealing with compressed images that can be emailed, uploaded/downloaded quickly etc.

Hi res (or high resolution, minimum of 300dpi) images are used solely for print purposes. The resolution of an offset or inkjet printer is roughly at least four times higher than the resolution of a computer screen).

It is very important to differentiate the two. If you use a web image (72 dpi) and print it out, there is a change that you’ll see ragged (or pixilated) edges in your photo. If however you use hi res images (300 dpi) for web, the image might be too big to attach to a simple email or upload to a site or blog. It would have to be downsized first.

More insight from my interview with Philippe to come.  And check out Philippe’s site (www.philippe-ny.com).  His images are stunning but his fees aren’t.  You’d be surprised at how affordable he is, I was.


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