Earth Week: Green Blogs

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | April 21, 2009

It stands to reason that with so much emphasis on being green these days there would be new media cropping up to focus on this growing trend.  And, after all, it is Earth Week so today I’m focusing on green blogs.  There are many with tips on how to go green but my interest is in those skewed more towards business, so you can of course pitch them.  Whether you are a company that manufactures and distributes green products or your company is looking to initiate or enhance eco-friendly practices, these blogs are for you:

Ideal Bite: a daily newsletter focusing on new products, technology, tips, trends, etc. in the eco-friendly world.

The Alternative Consumer: Provides eco news, green product reviews and useful information for people/companies looking to go green.  www.alternativeconsumer.com

Green Tech Gazette: Features leading edge technology that helps solve environmental problems. www.greentechgazette.com

Green Behavior: Tests eco-friendly products and posts reviews, has giveaways and in general shares information on, well, green behavior.  www.green-behavior.com


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