Signage: Got Some?

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | April 24, 2009

Recently a client took it upon themselves to do a small in-store event and while it went reasonably well, they neglected one major detail, signage.  Signage, as many of you already know, is anything related to corporate visuals…be it a poster or banner with your logo, a recent advertising campaign, an image of your product, etc.  You should always seize an opportunity to get your name out there not only verbally but visually as well and that’s what signage does for you.  It’s the silent communicator — helping to reinforce your brand identity.  So at every event, every trade show, every meeting with customers, every festival (lots coming up now that the weather is getting better) bring along some signage.  And of course it has to look professional and be worthy of your brand.

More on signage next week.  Will be talking about promotional items.  That said, I’m off to research branded water bottles for an upcoming event.

Correction: From Wednesday’s Buzz, the correct email address for Adriana Gardella is adriana_gardella@fortunemail.com.  Still having trouble, call her at 212-522-1212, it’s the general operator but they will put you right through to her.


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