What’s In Store?

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | April 27, 2009

In-Store events are a great way to connect with your customers, both of them — retailers and consumers.  Through an in-store event you can motivate sales people to push your brand/product, directly interact with your customers, end consumers, and gain valuable insight into their preferences, and most of all, reinforce your brand by making the in-store event memorable and impactful.

Here’s how:

Get Creative:  What you come up with will of course depend on your product.  If you are a beauty company then perhaps you could offer free facials or makeovers; if you sell apparel or footwear, offer a free session with a stylist.  The stylist can be on hand to offer tips to customers.  If you sell baby products then have a cute kids events with crafts and some form of entertainment. What you come up with is also contingent on the retailer, what they will allow and what they have space for.  So collaborate with them way ahead  of time to come up with the best event.

Have signage: As per Friday’s Buzz, signage is very important in terms of reinforcing the brand.  So have posters or banners up in the space.  It’s also a good idea to have a special giveaway with your logo on it.  For an event coming up we’re producing branded water bottles.  It will please thirsty customers while getting your brand literally in their face.

Give It Away:  Of course, nothing is more attractive than free.  So give something away.  A great way to get to know your customers and ingratiate them to you is to have a raffle.  You will gain their contact information for future promotions by having them sign up for the raffle. You can give away one or several of your products or anything else you can afford to offer.  Make it special though to create excitement.

Also, check out some  in-store events in your area for some ideas and you can even go on some store websites, such as Bloomingdale’s, and check out their events calendar.  Tons of ideas there to inspire you!

Buzz Challenge is only for a couple  of more days then the winner will be announced.  Free week of PR and a free ad.  Step up the Buzz…Twitter, FB it, Pass it On and remember, make sure they tell us who sent them!  Now Get Buzzin! : )


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