Websites: The Face of Your Company

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | April 28, 2009

The first place that most people go when they want to know more about your company is your website, so it better be good.  Just yesterday I was on a site that propelled me to write today’s Buzz.   I’m very aesthetically minded, or should I say superficial, so just the look of it made me instinctively want to leave.  But I had to remain since I needed information and that wasn’t easy either.  When I tried to click on a link, it didn’t work.

These days you can’t afford to have a subpar site.  So here are some key elements that make for a great website:

Make it Easy to Read: White space is the best background for easy legibility.  And keep the content informative but concise — keep it tight!

Must be Easy to Navigate: All of the site’s navigation buttons should be grouped together for easy access.  And make them prominent and positioned so they are easy to find.

Should be “Comfortably Viewed”: Should be able to see the whole page without having to go left to right.

Avoid the Flash Page: Don’t have a flash page — I, like most people, just skip it.

Avoid Dead Links: Make sure all links on your page are working.  As noted above, the site I was on yesterday had dead links and it was totally frustrating.

Keep the Content Fresh: Add new content as much as possible.  Perhaps you can have a news page that is updated with the latest news from the company.

Have a Press Room: Check out www.oeufnyc.com to see what a great press room looks like.  They not only have the latest press coverage but also image links for the press.  And do also include a press contact; either someone within your company or your publicist.

Notice I haven’t talked too much about design.  That I will leave to the professionals.  Will have a Buzz from a website designer very soon.


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