Do Over…Sample Pitch Letter

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | May 5, 2009

Sorry everyone.  Got my Buzzes mixed up yesterday.  I included a sample pitch instead of a release.  So, let’s start over.  This is a pitch that I wrote on behalf of Oeuf to a major women’s business magazine.  It resulted in a very positive response and now the magazine is currently in the process of writing a feature.  Another Buzz coming today with the Skip Hop press release I noted in yesterday’s Buzz.  Okay, here’s the pitch:

“I was just reading some of your profiles in the “Entrepreneur Mom” section and was hoping you would consider Sophie Demenge, owner/co-founder of Oeuf NYC.

Born in Paris, where she attended the Sorbonne, Sophie is an entrepreneur who has always followed her conscience.   Sophie is the co-founder of Oeuf (www.oeufnyc.com), one of the leading designers of eco friendly nursery furniture and clothing for kids.  It’s a family-owned business (her partner is her husband) with roots firmly entrenched in “doing business while doing good” philosophy.  The company has always been focused on providing quality products that are functional and that provide families with practical but stylish solutions for a modern, busy lifestyle.  Their furniture business is globally recognized for its quality and their decision to continue to manufacture in Europe instead of China is a testament to their commitment to quality first over profits.  For their Oeuf Clothier Collection, the knitwear is handknit in Bolivia by a collective of women knitters — allowing these Bolivian women to earn a living wage and support their families.  It’s a collective that has grown from 4 knitters, four years ago, to over 120 today.  It’s a beautiful story of one company that is as devoted to making products as it is to serving the communities where they operate.  Sophie is the “heart” of Oeuf and manages to effortlessly balance both work and family.  She would definitely be an inspiration to your readers.”


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