Celebrity Thursday: Johnny Depp

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | May 21, 2009

Oh Johnny!!  Few actors are as versatile as Mr. Johnny Depp.  From playing a scissor-clad weirdo in Edward Scissorhands to probably his most famost role of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean blockbusters.  He throws himself full throttle into every role and it shows.  His passion for life is also as strong.  Lots of leading ladies have crossed his path but one French lady in particular stole his heart.  He’s a true leading man and devoted father.  He’s also been voted as one of the actors most beloved by fans.  Apparently, he never refuses a fan who asks for an autograph. Ridiculously good looking and nice.  What more could you ask for?

Johnny Depp
700 San Vicente Blvd. Suite G910
West Hollywood CA 90069

Phone: 310-289-6200
FAX: 310-289-6677

And in honor of the Memorial Day holiday, there will be no Buzz tomorrow or Monday.  Enjoy!!


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