Key Words

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | May 26, 2009

Today it’s all about Key Words.  As I’ve written previously, having the right amount of key words in your press release is extremely important: too few and you risk not getting picked up by search engines; too many and you may be tagged as spam.  Key words are also important in helping to reinforce your message.  And as you may have noticed, when you sign up to a new social networking site, you are often asked to list your company’s key words.  I challenge you to come up with at least 10 key words for your company and then reinforce them in all of your communicates from your website to releases and everything in between.  Some examples of key words if you happen to be an Aerospace information site:

History of Leonardo Da Vinci

Wright Flyer
History of flight
Electronic library
Rocket history
Aircraft design
Aerospace engineers

And if you want to check out the key words of other top companies or your competitors, you can do so on www.keywordspy.com.


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