Celebrity Gift Baskets

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | June 2, 2009

Like Celebrity Gifting Suites, celebrity gift baskets have flooded the market.  Be discerning when choosing a company that claims to hand gift baskets directly to celebrities.  Many times the gift baskets are sent to publicists where they sit in the office with a hundred others.  And there’s no guarantee that the celebrity will actually receive it.  Instead do your research and work with companies with a proven record of success.  You also want to work with a company where the gifts are given directly to celebrities at an event or “backstage.”

One such company is Backstage Creations (www.backstagecreations.com).  Headed by Karen Wood, this firm has been handing gifts to celebrities way before it became the feeding frenzy it is today.  They hold events “on location” and set up rooms called “Retreats” where celebrities can peruse the lavish assortment of products.

And since you have a nice celebrity list going now thanks to the Buzz : ), you should just send your products directly to the celebrities yourself.  It’s worked for me and countless clients over the years.  Remember that tee shirt that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wore on her debut People cover?  They sent directly and are still reaping the benefits.


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