Old vs. New: Mix It Up

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | June 5, 2009

Since I’ve been in this business quite a while I’ve seen the changes that have strongly influenced PR.  Today it’s not just enough to write a release and send it via a major news wire.  To be most effective in creating major buzz, you have to mix it up.  For instance, if you are sending your release via say BusinessWire (a major media distribution outlet), at the same time you should do a post on Twitter and have it linked to the release on your website. Say something enticing of course, not just, Company XX announces the launch of...boring.

Mixing it up also means employing as many new media in your campaign as possible.  Research all of the newest social media sites and sign up.  There are so many now that it’s hard to keep track so I’ll give you a short list:  Twitter, StumbleIt, Digg, etc.  Google “Top Social Networking Sites” and you’ll get a bigger list.

Next week we’ll discuss more about the Digital World…including EPKs.  What?  Wait and see.


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