Interview Prep

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | June 9, 2009

Following up on my Buzz yesterday on setting up face to face meetings with the press, today’s topic is about the importance of preparation.  First, make sure you choose a suitable location for the interview.  Most editors want to come to you instead of their office.  One obvious choice would be your office if you feel it’s representative of the company both aesthetically and from a business perspective.  Or, if you want to be on neutral territory, pick a nice, quiet restaurant.  Not the hotteset new eatery.

Once you have your location make sure and show up early, before the editor.  You want time to settle in and get the nerves out.  And hopefully you will have prepared by asking the editor for an idea of the types of questions he/she will ask during the interview.  Most of them will oblige.  During the interview be relaxed and at the risk of sounding like a cliche, be yourself.  If you try to come off like someone you’re not, it will show.  And answer every question completely and succintly.   Do not diverge away from the original question as you may go into territory you had no intention of going into.

And after the interview is done, thank the editor right then for their time and in a few days with a nice, handwritten note.  They will appreciate all of these details and, as a result,  you may have succeeded in developing a long-lasting editorial contact.


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