“Point Person”

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | June 16, 2009

At a major event, it’s important to have a point person, ideally your publicist, that will greet press and introduce them to key people within the company.  During my event last week, I literally arranged for atleast five interviews between key editors and designers, CEO, owner, etc.  It was a whirlwind of media activity and by the end of the night my head was spinning.  It was so wonderful though to know that these brief encounters would lead to not only future press coverage, but also goodwill between my client and the editors.  So make sure that someone is designated to recognize, meet and introduce the press to key people within your company.

You also want your point person to be knowledgeable about your product/service and can speak to many of the key messages you’ve worked hard to develop.

Having spokespersons for your company, be it yourself or someone else you designate, is extremely important and essential to any successful PR program.


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