Mastheads: Another Free Resource

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | June 24, 2009

Another great, free, resource is the Masthead.  Mastheads are located a few pages into a magazine and list every person who works at the publication, from the Editor in Chief up top to the technology department at the bottom.  In between you will find everyone from the Managing Editor, Fashion Director, Features Editor and the ever important assistants that do most of the grunt work.  Editorial assistants, by the way, are the true workhorses of the magazine and the ones you really want to get on your good side.  They basically scour the market for the products that will be considered for features and placement.  So get to know the assistants and send your kits to them as it will be passed on to them anyway.

Here are some key names from the June issue of Real Simple, and of course I will provide the email sequence: first_lastname@realsimple.com.

Karen Kozlowski, Fashion Director
Elizabeth Graves, Beauty and Health Director
Randi Packard, Senior Market Editor
Kate Parker, Assistant Editor/Home

Check out the rest of the staff on page 14.

Buzz Note:  Have gotten a great response to the Holiday Gift Campaign but there is room for additional submissions.  Particularly interested in any jewelry, apparel accessories, novelty, baby gift, etc. items.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get in on the best gift guides.  Here’s the information again:

Exclusively for Buzz members, I am offering the opportunity to submit and pitch your products for the holiday gift guides at all major national magazines. If you want to be part of this major pitching campaign then please contact me for details.  I will pitch your products to the gift editors, do followup and provide you with a report.  I will also provide names/information so you can add to your database.  So if you want to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity, here’s how:

Send an email to marina@realmny.com with a description of your product/s and images.  Fee: $225.00.  Payment is due upon acceptance of product for inclusion in this promotion.  Act quickly as this promotion will start at the end of next week.


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