Media Wednesday: Lifestyle at Cookie

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | July 1, 2009

Yesterday I buzzed about pitching your life as a story.  One of the best magazines to pitch to, particularly if you are a parent, is Cookie Magazine.  This high-end, lifestyle/parenting magazine is like Vogue for parents.  Very chic but not pretentious which is great.  It’s one of my favorite magazines not only for their content but also for the wealth of placement opportunities it offers.

While cover features are reserved for celebrities there are plenty of opportunities within the magazine for coverage.  Not to mention the abundance of product placement opportunities but keep in mind they like products that are both stylish and functional.  Nothing kitschy will do. 

Here are some of the editors you should target and, as always, do your homework.  Pour through atleast four issues of the magazine before pitching and make sure and read plenty of features so you know what kinds of stories they are drawn to.

Miranda Crowell, Features Editor

Yolanda Edwards, Travel & Lifestyle Editor
(good one to pitch for that New Zealand story! : )

Kiera Coffee, Home Editor (if you have a beautiful home; send her an email with images (lo res).  And, it’s not just enough to have a stellar home, you should have an interesting story as well and more of a plus if you have your own business or are involved in a philanthropic project, etc.  And they tend to prefer women with businesses within the children’s, fashion design and home industry).  She’s also the one to pitch if you have stylish home furnishings and accessories.

Jane Sung, Associate Fashion Editor (the one to pitch for fashion product placement; boys and girls practical yet stylish clothing from infant to about 8 years.). She’s also interested in women’s fashion and accessories. 

Email sequence is first_lastname@condenast.com

Today is the last day to submit for the Holiday Gift Guide Campaign.  More details below. If you missed this opportunity, no worries, more great campaign opportunities to come.  Hint:  Celebrity Placement Campaign coming next! : )


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