SMR’s: Social Media Releases

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | July 14, 2009

Social Media Releases (SMRs) are the new way to distribute company and product news.  Call it the press release of the digital age.  This is an exciting and revolutionary new mode of communication that is changing the world of PR.  Below I provide you with information and links to experts on SMRs.  I can not call myself one — I’m really just a disciple and active participant.

First off is this definition of the Social Media Release:

The term “social media release” (SMR) is used to describe a media release which incorporates social media tools (social bookmarking, RSS etc) to provide background data, context and on-going updates to clients’ news, so as to help journalists and bloggers better understand and/or research the story behind the releases.

Todd Defren is actually the one credited for coining the term SMR and developing the first SMR template (www.pr-squared.com/2008/04/social_media_release_template.html).  It’s since been copied and updated as technology and our understanding of social media progresses.  Another expert and great source for the latest information on social media releases is Brian Solis.  On his site he has  an amazing article, “Social Media Releases: Everything You Ever Wanted to (or Should) Know” (www.briansolis.com/2007/05/social-media-releases-everything-you/).  Brian is one of the pre-eminent experts on the topic and provides insight as well as a wealth of examples.

There’s also PitchEngine (www.pitchengine.com), a site that will help you develop your SMR and also share it within their SMR newsroom — that’s a whole new world too.  Whew.  I don’t know about you, but my head is spinning!


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