What’s New?

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | July 20, 2009

With all the advancements in PR, the web, proliferation of social media sites, etc. there  has been one constant in all of this change, editors and journalists still want to hear what’s new.  Take the new product press release which is a simple announcement of a new product.  To qualify for a new product release the product has to be, well, new.  However, new also applies to any product that has been upgraded, enhanced with new features, applications or options.

Aside from pitching your new product to your database of editors within your industry, it’s also important to pitch to the trade publications.  In addition, new product releases are typically featured in the new-product sections of publications.  Editors run short descriptions of the products along with a photo. For a sample of a new product release click on this link and select Toy Store

And, FYI, press releases are one of things I get asked most about since creating this newsletter.  If you still are not comfortable writing your own release, you can always ask for help.  I offer press release writing a la carte.  So if you need help, just ask.


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