Fun Promotions: The Trade In

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | July 21, 2009

There’s a PR promotion that is a tried and true way to build buzz.  It’s called the Trade In.  Basically you offer customers one of your products, a gift, a special coupon, etc. in exchange for something that they send you.

A classic example is one created by the publicists for British Knights sneakers.  They offered a free pair of sneakers to couch potatoes who mailed in their remote controls.  The hopeful result being that if you send them sneakers, they’ll stop watching TV and exercise more and then need more sneakers.  Cute, clever and very effective.

Try to come up with a trade in promotion and let me know about it.  The most creative one could be featured in a future buzz.

And don’t forget the Buzz Challenge.  Keep Buzzing about Build-A-Buzz on all the social media sites or just tell your friends by forwarding Buzz to them. Winner gets free participation in next media campaign plus a free ad for a month.  Get Buzzin’!


One thought on “Fun Promotions: The Trade In

  1. I love this idea! I’m trying to think about what I could do. Maybe send me your healthy “on the go” snack pictures and I’ll send you an OnTray. Hmm…thanks as always for getting me to think outside the box!

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