Media Wednesday: Get Wired

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | July 22, 2009

Are you a geek?  Don’t mean it in a bad way, just mean that if you love hi tech gadgets and speak the language or actually have a company that produces the latest technology in everything from chips to household robots, then you are a great candidate for Wired Magazine. It’s one of the more popular magazines, among men that is….but I have picked up an issue from time to time.  Especially this month featuring Brad Pitt on the cover.  And by the looks of the features, they are interested in more than over your head technology.  Case in point, aside from Brad Pitt providing witty answers in the “Ask a Basterd” column, there’s also a feature on amber beer, albeit the kind made from 45 million year old yeast — now that’s fermentation!  Or, you could read about how Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip, literally lost his “voice.”  Pretty interesting stuff.

Here’s who to contact for product placement and of course check the masthead for other editors to pitch:

Mark McClusky
Products Editor
Wired Magazine

And don’t forget the Buzz Challenge.  Keep Buzzing about Build-A-Buzz on all the social media sites or just tell your friends by forwarding Buzz to them. Winner gets free participation in next media campaign plus a free ad for a month.  Get Buzzin’!


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