Celebrity Thursday: Jennifer Lopez

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | July 23, 2009

Jenny from the Block, JLo or simply Jennifer, a girl by many names but all one in the same.  She really is a “girl from the block” having grown up in the Bronx.  It’s hard to believe the dancer who I first saw on the hit comedy series, In Living Color, is now such a Hollywood star, or was anyway.  Since marrying Marc Anthony and having her twins, she’s fallen a bit under the radar.  But she’s making sort of a comeback.  She’s currently shooting a new movie in New York called The Back-Up Plan.  I guess it’s a romantic comedy.  Anyway, she’s got kids, quite a few homes and is not one to shy away from fashion — so send some things her way.

Jennifer Lopez
c/o Nanci Ryder
Baker Winokur Ryder
5700 Wilshire Boulevard Suite #550
Los Angeles CA 90036

Phone: 310-550-7776
FAX: 310-550-1701


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