Expert Advice

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | July 24, 2009

One of the ways to secure instant credibilty for your product is to have an expert endorse your product.  Identify a highly credible expert in your field/industry and tell them about your company.  Once you develop a rapport with that person, and they actually believe in your product, ask them if you can quote them.  Now you can send a press release that has an endorsement from a highly regarded source who can open doors for you and your product.

For my client Oeuf, interior designer Paige Rien actually found us.  Paige is a regular on HGTV’s Curb Appeal and Hidden Potential and a big fan of Oeuf’s simple yet stylish products.  She also happens to be a regular on the conference circuit speaking at major design shows around the world.  Anyway, she’s definitely someone that we wanted to have endorse Oeuf’s products. And she did just that at the Dwell Conference, a major show from the publishers of Dwell Magazine that brings together top influencers, including buyers, in the world of modern design.

So if you can find an expert to “partner” with, you’ve got a winning combination and another rung on your ladder to success.


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