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TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | August 3, 2009

Are you the last person on Earth that still doesn’t have a blog?  Blogs are not only outlets for our expertise, frustration, joy, hobbies, etc.  They are also good for business.

A Corporate Blog serves not only to position you and your company as an expert in your field but it also adds a very human element to your company.  You can directly “speak” to your customers and make a connection that they can readily respond to.  Here are other advantages of a corporate blog:

They allow you to share information with customers on a more timely basis — keeping them informed and improving your relationship with them;

They inform customers/the market of other initiatives going on within the company; adding another dimension to your business;

They create an opportunity to network and share information with people from around the world — reaching corners of the globe that would otherwise be difficult for you to communicate with;

Search engines are attuned to finding blogs.

If you are not a great writer, enlist someone within the company who is.  And be sure to update the blog at least once or twice a week to keep the content fresh.

More on “Creating Your Own Blog” to come….


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