TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | August 7, 2009

Recently Wall Street Journal announced that they are no longer honoring embargos.  What’s an embargo you say?  Well, it’s when a company issues a release but won’t allow the news to be published until a certain date and time.  They send the release ahead of time to give the editors/reporters enough time to write their story and then it can be published on the embargo date.  It’s a tactic that works well especially with big companies with important news or when you release data from a survey.  It ensures that the articles that are published are accurate and have all the information necessary and also allows the company to grant interviews before the release date – ensuring an even better and more complete articles.

Well now the media, particularly WSJ and blogs like TechCrunch have decided to not honor them anymore.  It’s a way for them to flex their media might.  In any case, I just wanted you to know what an embargo is so you can be a savvy publicist.  If you have some important news or have great data from a recent survey then by all means provide an embargo.  I used to do it all the time when I released the results of several surveys for my accounting and financial clients.

Another tactic is to provide an exclusive to a particular media outlet whereby you allow them to break the story…more on exclusives to come.


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