Media Wednesday: Emails are Tough to Find

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | August 12, 2009

I’ve buzzed a couple of times on the usefulness of the magazine masthead which lists all the editors in the publication that you can target for stories.  However, the only thing that the masthead lists is the name and title.  Sometimes you can find the email addresses on the magazine’s site in the “contact us” section but many times they don’t list it there either.  So what to do?  Well, you can subscribe to one of the many media databases which will cost you in the thousands for an annual subscription or you can buy individual lists from different media companies that will also cost you quite a bundle.  So for those of you without money to spare, here’s a gift: the email sequences for the top magazines (those listed in the top 10 in terms of circulation):

AARP: firstinitiallastname@aarp.org
Better Homes & Garden: first.last@meredith.com
Good Housekeeping: firstinitiallastname@hearst.com
Woman’s Day: firstinitiallastname@hfmus.com
Family Circle: first.last@meredith.com
Ladies’ Home Journal: first.last@meredith.com
People: first_last@peoplemag.com
Time: first_last@timemagazine.com
Newsweek: first.last@newsweek.com


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