Celebrity Thursday: Celebrity Gift Campaign

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | August 13, 2009sjp_children

There’s no stopping the baby boom in Hollywood.  Most recently SJP brought home her twin girls Marion and Tabitha, and Jennifer Hudson just had her first child, a little boy named David.  Given the unimaginable tragedy in her life recently she definitely deserves this latest blessing.  And, as promised, we are offering exclusively to Buzz members an opportunity to seed products directly to A List Celebrity Parents.  This is no ordinary celebrity gift basket campaign of which there are so many it’s mind blogging. Through our affiliate in Los Angeles we will be gifting directly to celebrities.

And the best part is that we are partnering with a major blog to publicize the campaign and provide media exposure for all participants.  It’s an exclusive feature involving a giveaway of the gift basket and links to sites of all participants as well — making this campaign much more valuable then just shipping gifts to a publicist.  The stars we will be gifting include:

Angelina Jolie
Sarah Jessica Parker
Jennifer Garner
Gwyneth Paltrow
Jessica Alba
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Jennifer Lopez
Halle Berry
Heidi Klum
Kate Hudson
Nicole Kidman

We may add some more celebrities but want to keep the number to about 10-15.  The media placement opportunity alone is worth the $500 to participate in this exclusive campaign. We will be handpicking the products so if you’re interested please email (marina@realmny.com) with images and brief description after which we will contact you if products are chosen for participation.

And next week I will announce the winner of the Build-A-Buzz Challenge and their prize of participating in this campaign for free!


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