Media Wednesday: Regional Pubs

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | August 19, 2009

With media outreach, sometimes it’s better to step your toes in the water by first trying your hand at local and regional media outlets.  Not only are they easier to pitch and more accessible, they are also easier to develop story angles for.  Regional publications are very much interested in events happening in their market/region.  And if that market also happens to be your market, then you already have some knowledge going in on what would interest that particular publication.

Take Chicago Magazine.  This is a widely read, glossy publication interested in all things Chicago.  From their glorious deep dish pizzas, to “Deal Estate” and features on local businesses and entrepreneurs.  So if you live in the Chicago area, give them a shout:

Chicago Magazine
435 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 1100
Chicago, IL  60611


And to reach an editor there, just use this email sequence: firstinitiallastname@chicagomag.com.

And do your homework, read a few issues and peruse the website to see what interests them.  And if you don’t live in Chicago or surrounding areas, the idea is to scope out the magazines in your neck of the woods, be it Des Moines, Iowa or Paris, France.  Happy Hunting.

Okay folks, I know there are some wonderful companies out there that would be perfect for the Celebrity Gift Campaign.  Have gotten some great entries but need more.  Really want this gift basket to stand out.  Looking for children’s products and great gifts for celeb moms — think beautiful clothes, cool tee shirts, baby toiletries, books, music, toys, pampering products for mom, etc.  And you are all doing great with the Buzz Challenge, winner to be announced tomorrow.  And remember, we are partnering with a major blog for guaranteed exposure via this campaign.  Send entries to marina@realmny.com with description and lo res image for consideration.


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