A Clean Shot

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | August 21, 2009garlands_circle_md

I’ve said it before but it merits another mention. Professional quality images are essential to successful PR.  I’ve seen many an editorial opportunity lost because a company did not have a clean hi res image to send to an editor that requested it.  The best shots are those set against a white background; and that doesn’t mean a product on top of a white sheet.  It means that the shot needs to be professionally shot and edited in a software like Photoshop to create the perfect, clean image like the one above.  You will also want to have some lifestyle shots as well to showcase your product on models and demonstrating it as it would be used in, well, real life.

So if you don’t have great shots, get some.  One of my favorite photographers is Wai Ng.  I’ve known him for many years and can recommend him very highly.  Check out his website at www.waing.com.

Note: Garland “Goodie” Image courtesy of Oeuf (www.oeufnyc.com).

Interested in the Celebrity Gift Campaign?  Please email with your product description and some lo res images for consideration.  Will announce media partnership soon for this campaign’s guaranteed media placement.


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