Do Good

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | August 25, 2009

Incorporating charitable works and contributions as part of your PR campaign is always a good idea.  Doing good is good for mind, body and soul. It’s also good PR. Take Breast Cancer Awareness Month for instance which is during the month of October.  During that month, almost every magazine has a section with products that are giving back to a particular breast cancer organization.  My client Oeuf has chosen to work with The National Breast Cancer Foundation (www.nationalbreastcancer.org) and will be donating proceeds from the sale of their squeeze me mittens, in pink of course.  We did a release on their involvement and wrote a press release which was sent with a pitch to all of the major magazines.  As a result they will be featured in Oprah, Real Simple, Pregnancy & Newborn and a host of other magazines.  We will also be pitching newspapers and blogs closer to the month, probably early to mid September.  There are other ways you can be good and get great press in the process.  For example, I’ve decided to donate some of the fees from the current Celebrity Gift Basket campaign to a charity. I’m currently in the process of choosing that charity and will announce it soon.  So if you want to participate, know that this is also another component that will surely make us all feel better about giving stuff away to celebrities who clearly can afford to buy their own, but I digress.

Also, get involved with charities in your community.  Be a sponsor, donate product or simply get involved with your company in some way.  Another way I got Oeuf involved (sorry to keep bringing them up) is their donation of excess inventory of their cribs and other children’s furniture to Baby Buggy (www.babybuggy.com), which distributes children’s products and essentials to moms in need in the New York City area.  This charity, as you may know, was founded by Jessica Seinfeld and needless to say there are tons of opportunities to leverage any involvement with that particular organization including being part of their events which includes a gala evening headlined by none other than her husband, Jerry.  So, research some charities and choose one that strikes a chord in your heart.

CELEBRITY GIFT CAMPAIGN: If you are interested please email with lo res images and brief description of products.  Campaign includes press release on major newswire, exposure on major blogs, photos of basket and if we’re lucky images of celebrities with products, and more.  And yes, charity component.  Fee: $500.  Email marina@realmny.com.


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