Experiential Marketing

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | September 1, 2009

Looking for a way to connect with your audience?  Cut through the daily clutter of traditional marketing and allow your audience to touch, feel and sense your brand.  Do so by holding promotional events in which your products are out on display for consumers to play with.  While the end result is to sell to your audience, work hard in making sure it does not come across as that. You want to build consumers’ trust, and the way to do that is by avoiding blatant advertising – let your products speak for themselves. Make the audience advocates of your brand by allowing them to understand what makes your product so special.  Word of mouth can go a long way.

Ford does a great job of this.  Every year Ford partners with major festivals around the country and sets up areas there in which festival-goers can climb into the cars, get a feel for the exterior and interior, and can many times even road-test it onsite.  Knowledgeable brand ambassadors are there on hand to answer any questions that come their way.  Not only is this a great tactic because it allows consumers to connect with the brand up close, but also because it shows that it’s a supporter of locally loved festivals, allowing them to connect with the consumers there too.  Studies show that consumers are more than likely to support event sponsors if the event being held is close to their heart.

Today’s Buzz Tip comes from Gail Cayetano, Managing Partner of Starfish Creative Events, a marketing firm specializing in events and promotions for corporate and entertainment brands.  For further information visit www.starfish-events.com <http://www.starfish-events.com> .   Catch up on all the Buzz at www.buildabuzz.wordpress.com <http://www.buildabuzz.wordpress.com> .


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