Media Wednesday: It’s Real Simple

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | September 2, 2009

Real Simple is one of those magazines that came along and just struck a chord.  Face it, we all need a little help being organized.  I myself have used many of their tips and love their simple yet stylish approach to everything from shaping up your office to shaping up literally.  There’s also tons of content on fashion, beauty, travel and the recipes are amazing.  So good in fact that they even publish a separate book with some of their best.  And that’s not all.  Another spinoff is their Real Simple Family issue with great tips for harried families, um, like mine.  Needless to say, tons of editorial opportunities for you.  And again, check out the masthead for the right editors after of course pouring through several issues.  It will be a fun read, believe me.  

Real Simple
1271 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY  10020

email sequence: firstname_lastname@realsimple.com
Lead Time: 4-5 months

Today’s Buzz Tip comes from Marina Echavarria, owner of Realm Media Productions and Build-A-Buzz creator.   Catch up on all the Buzz at www.buildabuzz.wordpress.com <http://www.buildabuzz.wordpress.com> .


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