Celebrity Thursday: Anna Paquin

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | September 10, 2009

The season finale of True Blood is this coming Sunday and I can’t wait.  Well, I can wait because I don’t want it to be over but alas all good things (or great bad things) must come to an end.  The star of the show is Anna Paquin, who plays mind reader Sookie Stackhouse.  She’s definitely Anna Paquin’s alter ego, even in the hair department.  Her natural color, brunette, is much more appealing.  Anyway, Ms. Paquin got her start playing the daughter of Holly Hunter in the critically-acclaimed The Piano for which she became the second youngest actress ever to win an Oscar.  And she’s engaged in real life to her co-star and vampire boyfriend in True Blood, Stephen Moyer.  Lucky girl.

Anna Paquin
c/o Ina Treciokas
Ina Treciokas PR
8322 Beverly Blvd, Suite 201
Los Angeles, CA  90048


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